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Safe Harbor Needs You!

Please join us October 3rd from 9:00 to 11:00 a.m. at Safe Harbor Academy for our Volunteer Open House.  We are looking for volunteers to tutor in classrooms, assist in the office, and to provide additional support to our students.  We believe it takes a village to raise a child.  We invite you to come visit us and explore volunteering at Safe Harbor Academy!

The community is also invited to come out and join us at McDonald's Monday, September 29th from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m.  Safe Harbor Academy, the Woodford County Alternative Learning Environment, is teaming up with McDonald's to celebrate all families that are a part of the Woodford County Public Schools community.

Woodford Outstanding Service Award Winners

Each year, WCPS faculty and staff are asked to choose an outstanding classified staff member in their respective areas.  The recipient of the award is chosen because of their work ethic and dedication to their job.  Awards are presented at the annual Opening Day Ceremonies so the entire faculty and staff can share in the celebration.







The winners from left to right are:  April Bruce, WCHS; Marcha Allison, WCMS; Sue Manley, Southside; Wendy Bernard, Simmons (accepted by Kim Haury); Dana Christian, Central Office; Glen Burnett, Facilities & Maintenance; Cynthia Vogelsang, Adult Education; Mary Adams, Huntertown; Julie Brangers, Northside.  The photo is courtesy of the Woodford Sun.

Teacher of the Year Award

A WCPS Teacher is chosen each year to receive the Teacher of the Year Award for their school.  The recipient is given this award to honor their love and dedication for the students they teach as well as the other roles they play to make their school the best it can be.

The winners from left to right are:  Regina Taylor, WCHS; Tiffany Carson, WCMS; Meagan Carroll, Southside; Megan Eaves, Simmons; Tonya Steele, Northside; Susan Tracy, Huntertown; Tammy Bramlett, Adult Education.  The photo is courtesy of the Woodford Sun.


For the past several years, the Woodford County Board of Education has adopted an instructional calendar based largely on the recommendations of the calendar committee.  The calendar committee consists of employees representing different schools and job classifications as well as students and parents.  The calendar committee will begin its work drafting the 15-16 school year instructional calendar in a few months. One item on the calendar that traditionally is discussed at length is fall break.  For many years it has been a full week break.  However, the committee often gets feedback about adjusting the duration of fall break.  Since it has been quite some time since the opinions of our stakeholders were formally surveyed in great detail, we are requesting your opinion.  In short, we want to know if given a choice, would you like fall break to remain a week or would you prefer fall break be a long weekend (i.e. off on Thursday and Friday before the weekend or off the Friday before and Monday after the weekend).  While your feedback is greatly appreciated, rest assured that individual survey results will not be shared with the committee.  Only the overall totals of those voting for a week and the overall totals of those voting for a long weekend will be shared.   Please visit the following link to complete the survey.  Thanks!  https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/ZRDZMWB

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